Kind of says it all....

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Kind of says it all....

HiFi Family member Steve sent me the most telling picture of all time. Have a look.


I can see by the photo's time stamp that in August of 1955, our fellow audiophile, Steve, is getting his introduction to high end audio.

I think most of us like to flatter ourselves into believing we're independently programmed adults who are what we are because of us.

I'll wager that's probably upside from the truth.

I constantly try and remind myself to credit the strong life-forming influences my upbringing had on me—influences many of us (including me) so often take for granted as being part of "us" when us is clearly an amalgam of all we have experienced flavored with a dash of individuality sprinkled in for good measure.

We are the cumulative experiences of all that have come before us.

Steve's parents were into music and audio enough to afford a console stereo. My parents built their living room around a music system.

I have to imagine that given our common passion there's a bit of sameness in all our backgrounds that peaked our interests whether we know it or not.

More than anything, I just love this photo. 

Kind of says it all.

Thanks, Steve.

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