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Ask Dr. Stu
*Chapter 13 of my upcoming novel, Resurrection, is posted here. With all the misinformation and anxiousness surrounding the virus outbreak, I thought it might be helpful to have some clear answers to questions from someone you can trust. Dr. Stu Weiss, our son’s pediatrician, NYC ER Doc, pandemic and disaster planner for New Jersey and now the Medical Director of the New York City Marathon has generously started a YouTube channel to answer medical questions in the same format as Ask Paul. Dr. Stu YouTube channel. To ask a question go to We’re trying to help Stu spread the word. If you have time and interest, subscribe to his channel and tell your friends about him as well. There are not many legitimate, trustworthy medical sources with his knowledge and skillset available to answer individual questions like this, so help spread the word and get the truth out there. Thanks!
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Paul McGowan

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