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Digital recording, analog sound 3

Posted 2 days ago

Analog has long been the gold standard for digital audio to replicate, but long ago the actual technology of digital left analog in the dust. Why do we still use the term "analog" to describe perfection in music's reproduction?

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Can you combine multiple XLR cables? 2

Posted 6 days ago

XLR balanced interconnects are the best sounding connections between stereo equipment when high performance audio is concerned. But what if you do not have the proper length of cable? Can you connect two or more?

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What is discrete circuitry? 6

Posted 1 week ago

We hear about integrated circuits as well as discrete circuitry. What are the differences between the two and are there advantages?

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How does vinyl playback work? 1

Posted 3 weeks ago

The grooves on a record contain all the information of every kind of music from rock and roll to classical, but how does that work? How can a series of wiggles translate into the London Philharmonic Orchestra?

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Switching supplies vs. analog supplies 2

Posted 3 weeks ago

The trend in electronics today leans towards inclusion of a switch mode power supply as opposed to the more traditional toroidal analog supplies. Is this a good trend and how do they work?

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