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Glass audio diffusers 3

Posted 1 day ago

Audio diffusers can be made of many types of material, but glass? While decorative, this person asks Paul a most unusual question.

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How do stereos image? 4

Posted 6 days ago

What combinations of equipment, room, and skill go into making a stereo image? Learn from the Audiophile Guru, Paul.

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How a DAC works 5

Posted 1 week ago

Digital to analog converters are not the easiest devices to understand. Here, Paul helps us with a simple explanation.

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IRS Beta vs. IRS V speakers 11

Posted 1 week ago

The IRS Beta was a smaller version of the mighty IRSV from Infinity. What are the differences between the two? And, Paul gives us a lesson on face mask protection.

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Reposition speakers? 3

Posted 2 weeks ago

After spending 2 hours positioning his speakers for best bass, is it necessary to redo that when changing amplifiers?

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Best stereo reference music 10

Posted 3 weeks ago

When evaluating a stereo system what's the best reference music to use? Plus we get to know Paul and Terri's dog Aibo as well a little lesson on the pizza oven.

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