Are tweaks for the lazy?

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I must be lazy. I have tried dozens of tweaks that work, yet I no longer use them: VPi Bricks, sonic bells, resonating cups, directed harmonizers, green pens, degaussers, spray on optical cleaners.

They're all effective, repeatable, and yet they find no home in Music Room One. At least not for the long term. I think laziness is one reason, but perhaps an even greater reason is that Music Room One must serve as the reference. Tweaks that enhance are not used. Tweaks that perfect, are.

For example, the use of diffusers fix room problems that I can measure, explain and hear. The LANRover fixes a poor communications link between DAC and computer. Power Plants steady the voltage, lower impedance and distortion.

It could be argued that the list of stones, dots, pens, and sprays fix unseen maladies, but that's a little too far fetched for this lazy man.

Hypocritical? Perhaps. Likely, in fact. But none of us are perfected.

What's your favorite tweak and why?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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