Rediscovering music

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As the first production DirectStream Transport prepares to roll into Music Room One I find myself fascinated at the prospect of rediscovering the musical treasure buried in my CD collection.

And the question occurs to me, how many times can we uncover that which is trapped in this original digital storage media, first released in 1982?

It seems to me there can be no more to uncover, the treasure box long ago emptied, yet with each new leap in development another layer seems to strip away; I discover new subtleties, the space for musicians suddenly better defined, and old favorites take on new life. The better our equipment gets, the more we realize just how good CDs are.

It is the venerable CD I turn to first, even with a product like DST, capable of finally rendering in its native form, all the real music on SACD. To me, hearing my SACD collection as it was recorded in DSD, for the first time, is exciting.

But it is CDs that fascinates me more.

Peeling layers of haze that hides what has always been there to hear is something like finding buried treasure.

I can't wait, yet they tell me it will be just another day or two. Oh, curses! I am not a patient man.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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