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In yesterday's post we asked what your favorite tweaks are. Some great answers are rolling in. Copper Magazine, Issue 15, launched this morning and in it we begin a new series called Make It Yourself. This is an exciting direction for Copper to take and we have one of our newest team members to thank. Darren Myer is an engineer who formerly worked for Classé Audio and B&W, but now has joined our own engineering group. Darren's passionate about high-end audio and wanted to contribute to our growing community of readers. His first project is how to build an excellent set of XLR audio cables for $50. You can jump directly to the article here or just glance at it as you're thumbing through the latest issue. I love this kind of community engagement. Not because I believe there are thousands of eager DIY waiting for the next project. No, I believe very few people will actually build a set of these excellent sounding cables. Instead, I think it helps ground our industry. In an age of cables, speakers, amps and others that are sometimes so expensive as to be shocking, it's healthy to remember our roots. Thanks Darren.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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