August 14th, 2022

    Through good times and bad, we always have the memories. Until we forget them. I hope I haven’t used that one before.

    In this issue: Ray Chelstowski interviews the spellbinding guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Tom Methans goes through Amoeba Music’s What’s in My Bag? YouTube series. B. Jan Montana’s epic journey forges ahead. Rudy Radelic drives on another Lemons auto rally. Jay Jay French reviews a recent Dead & Company concert at Citi Field. Ken Kessler reviews Richard Colburn’s new book, Adventures in Hi-Fi. John Seetoo looks at music stars who have embraced supporting roles. Rich Isaacs meets Brazilian musical superstar Sergio Mendes. Jeff Weiner revisits the Museum of Musical History.

    I continue my Confessions of a Setup Man series with some thoughts on avoiding audio burnout. Harris Fogel reports on T.H.E. Show 2022. J.I. Agnew contemplates cutting lathes and cameras. Andrew Daly talks with folk/Americana artist Lilli Lewis. The Mindful Melophile Don Kaplan listens to all that jazz. Russ Welton tells of thieves, golden boys and trust in the retail sector. Guest contributor Sameer Verma sneaks away from a wedding to visit the legendary jazz recording mecca Van Gelder Studio. Anne E. Johnson covers the career of jazz trumpeter Roy Eldridge, and…oh no, it’s Devo! The Copper A/V squad caps the issue with blues and greens, a tale of the tape, musical divergence, and a Kloss encounter.

    Staff Writers:

    J.I. Agnew, Ray Chelstowski, Cliff Chenfeld, Jay Jay French, Tom Gibbs, Roy Hall, Rich Isaacs, Anne E. Johnson, Don Kaplan, Ken Kessler, Don Lindich, Stuart Marvin, Tom Methans, B. Jan Montana, Rudy Radelic, Tim Riley, Wayne Robins, Alón Sagee, Ken Sander, John Seetoo, Dan Schwartz, Russ Welton, Adrian Wu

    Contributing Editors:
    Ivan Berger, Steven Bryan Bieler, Andrew Daly, Jack Flory, Harris Fogel, Steve Kindig, Ed Kwok, David Snyder, Bob Wood

    “Cartoon Bob” D’Amico

    James Whitworth, Peter Xeni

    Parting Shots:
    James Schrimpf, B. Jan Montana, Rich Isaacs (and others)

    Audio Anthropology Photos:
    Howard Kneller, Steve Rowell

    Frank Doris

    Paul McGowan

    Advertising Sales:
    No one. We are free from advertising and subscribing to Copper is free.

     – FD

    Tommy Emmanuel: Casting a Spell on Guitar

    When guitar great Chet Atkins names you as one of…

    Confessions of a Setup Man, Part 15: Avoiding Burnout

    We’ve all experienced burnout in one form or another, exacerbated…

    Adventures In Hi-Fi – Read All About It

    In this summer break from his reel-to-reel activities, Ken Kessler…

    All That Jazz

    Just in time for your final pool party, here’s a…

    Dead & Company at Citi Field, July 15, 2022: A Review

    Very few artists command followings so rabid that, when anyone…

    The Night Sergio Mendes Came to Town

    It’s not often that internationally known artists make it to…

    Amoeba Music: What’s In My Bag?

    Considering my advanced years, I am way too old for…

    Back and Revitalized: T.H.E. Show 2022, Part One

    One of the first audio shows I attended after what…

    Oh No, It’s Devo!

    When they were Kent State University students in the late…

    Pilgrimage to Sturgis, Part 27

        “All right, that’s enough of that,” Chip proclaimed.…

    Around the World In 80 Lathes, Part 19

    Those among our readers with an interest in photography will…

    Trumpeter Roy Eldridge: Nifty Cat

    Trumpeter Roy Eldridge used to tell people that he got…

    Thieves, Golden Boys, and Trust in the Retail Sector

    Some of you may have read in my previous articles…

    Musical Roots: A Trip Around the World

    The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), located in Phoenix, Arizona, is…

    Back on the Lemons Rally, Part One

    “Lemons Rally is not a race!” Rallymaster Jeff barked out…

    Stepping Out of the Limelight

    Many stories have been written about sidemen who became stars…

    Same Space, Different Time: A Visit to Van Gelder Studio

    I was flipping through my inbox in the morning and…

    Tale of the Tape

    Talking With Folk/Americana Artist Lilli Lewis

    In the world we live in today, we need trailblazers,…

    Blue In Green

    A Sansui 2000x receiver, made from around 1971 to 1975.…

    Uh Oh!

    Kloss Encounter

    A 1988 portrait of legendary audio designer Henry Kloss, who…
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