Wildcards And Curveballs

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Wildcards And Curveballs

Sometimes everything goes according to Hoyle. But, more often than not, a wildcard gets slipped in—a fact not listed in Hoyle’s Games—but true none the less. Most people around the country can put their trash in the outdoor receptacle without a second thought but not residents of our neighborhood. Hungry bears.

When we get a new piece of stereo equipment our expectations are high for drop-in-and-work and often that’s exactly the case. But then, there’s that curveball: the need for a better cable, different position, realignment, or tube swap.

I used to get frustrated with wildcards and curveballs but over the years I have begun to understand their value. By introducing unexpected variables I am required to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new or look at a situation from another angle.

Learning expands horizons. The farther I can see the greater my wealth of possibilities.

I don’t go looking for unexpected circumstances but wildcards and curveballs are some of the best uninvited teachers I know of.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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