The importance of bling

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The importance of bling
When we think of bling the words most commonly associated are ostentatious, unnecessary, over the top—Terms we're not comfortable with and that have a negative connotation. Yet, bling is an essential element in successful products. A beautiful paint job isn't necessary to a car's performance but it certainly is to the owner's emotional attachment to that car. Driving around in a faded hulk or a polished beauty is a very different experience because each state of the car's appearance has meaning. The outer package of a product tells us a story of what's inside. Dan D'Agastino's gorgeous metal sculptures speak volumes of the care an attention we assume he's lavished on the inside. When we make sure the PS product you receive is blemish free and gorgeous, it's not because it makes a difference in sound quality but because it means something in the bigger picture. The packaging and outer shells of products should reflect the beauty of what's inside in the same way a tasty meal goes down better with a gorgeous presentation. Bling's nothing to be ashamed of unless it is not telling the truth.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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