Why the fear?

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Why the fear?

Have you ever noticed that the measurement crowd doesn't seem to trust their ears? That if they hear a difference (or don't) it is to be dismissed unless it can be shown on a measurement device or explained in a textbook.

That seems to me kind of like walking into a doctor's office with an unknown malady and having the doctor tell you that because your ills don't match any known disease it's likely just in your head.

Until it isn't.


I suspect part of the reason for this gap stems from either the fear of an inability to hear, or a simple lack of demonstrative examples. 

Many's the time I've been witness to folks who simply cannot hear the differences. That's not anything to feel bad about, but then...

And how many times have there been poorly set up low-resolution systems that really don't show much in the way of differences?

It is not uncommon to cover up our weaknesses with an extreme dose of either bravado or misdirection (or both). You see politicians doing this for a living.

I would hope those of us serious about our hobby would avoid such traps.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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