Why am I writing daily posts?

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My friend Seth Godin made me do it! Seth inspired me and perhaps hundreds of other people to take a big leap off a scary precipice and try and make a small dent in the universe by writing something of importance every day and sharing those thoughts with whomever might care to read them. I am making a long term commitment to write my thoughts about high-end, technology and the world on a daily basis. Will anyone read it? Does anyone care what I have to say? I finally convinced myself to put aside these questions and step into the unknown for three reasons:
  1. I want to try and help bring the high-end community together and this may help
  2. Writing my thoughts down on a daily basis sharpens my focus and helps me lower the background noise of my life
  3. I am hoping that others will do the same in their own way
I would challenge each and every one of you to consider what you might be able to do to help bring the high-end community together and share the joy of what we do with others. This commitment to writing something new and fresh every day is my step. What's yours?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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