What you never get to see

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What you never get to see

Today is the first day of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We're all here with our nice duds on showing folks what we make, playing music, meeting people. It all looks quite organized, polished and easy. What most of you never get to see is the setup. The day before. The long lines at the freight elevator, the harried looks of those that forgot something, the requests for a soldering iron, the multiple trips to Home Depot for live plants, waters, tape, the incessant playing of tracks over and over to get the imaging in a hotel room as good as it's going to be, the early consumers that somehow got in and want to ask questions "before the crowds come" and forget you're desperate to have something work, the hotel staff checking to make sure you're not trying to remove their "art" from the room's walls, irate exhibitors who still have furniture in the room, empty packing crates in the halls, trash in the halls, lots of haggard looks, late nights, beer.

And on opening day it's all better. Anxious Audiophiles wander the halls looking for the latest and waiting to hear great systems.

We're in room 9013. Come by and say hi.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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