I never learn

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I never learn

You'd think that after all the years I have been working in high end audio that I'd actually learn something. It's been over 40 years and I guess I am curious as to how long it takes me to really "get it". I went to setup the room at RMAF figuring it's a small room and therefore I wouldn't need a subwoofer. After all, if you start with a full range pair of speakers and you put them into a small room, you should be fine. Not so.

Unless there's a built in subwoofer you always need an external one added to the system. Why? For those notes a normal loudspeaker pair, in any room, just don't get. In my head I hear what I have in Music Room One with the IRS. In the room we are setting up I am trying to get as close as possible to that ideal sound. Of course, on the one hand, the idea I can even get partially there is absurd and will never happen, but I'd be happy with even a pale representation of that sound.

But, of course, we show up at the room without even a thought of the subwoofer. Had to get one sent up from Boulder. And, of course, it helps greatly but on some notes it also over powers the room. I wish I had another few days to work on the room, but at shows you get one and a half days of setup and you're done.

I can sure preach it, but follow my own advice?

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