What if you could have it all?

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What if you could have it all?

When it comes to your high-end audio system, what would that look like? The finest electronics, cables, and speakers? A magical all in one box? A miracle point source loudspeaker the size of a dime?

It's always interesting to speculate what it might look like if one could have it all—to let yourself just dream for a moment, without any boundaries.

That exercise is not only fun but it can be revealing. Why? Because sometimes you realize that what you want might just be within reach.

I remember daydreaming about owning the Infinity IRSV speakers—1.2 tons of rosewood columns that I had lusted over for decades. I had mentioned to someone this fanciful daydream and that person said, "there's a pair for sale in New York, why don't you go for it? Life's short enough as it is." 

I have never regretted that decision and those beasts brought me and hundreds of visiting audiophiles oodles of pleasure over the years. And moreover, they set the performance standard which we used to design and build the aspen line of loudspeakers.

I wasn't retiring those monoliths until Chris Brunhaver could design and build a system that not only rivaled the transparency, dynamics, and soundstaging abilities of the IRSV, but whooped them badly enough that I wouldn't miss a thing when they were gone.

Daydreaming is a great and often productive way to spend a lazy afternoon.

What if you could have it all?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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