Warm it up!

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Warm it up!

An interesting question was posed to me recently.

"Can a manufacturer PLEASE develop an amp with a variable control of cool to warm. This can be set to cool for incisive listening of well recorded music and set over to warm to add some (harmonic?) distortion to help gloss over some of the shortcomings in the recording."

This request makes perfect sense to me. What an amazing feature to add to our remote controls. A variable warmth feature.

Not that I would have a clue how to make such a circuit or what it would do—simply adding harmonics would not accomplish what is being hoped for, though I understand the thought process.

Like tone controls and width controls, we could add warmth. And, before you know it, we would have produced a product so far removed from the goals and objectives we have labored over these many decades as to be unrecognizable as a high-end audio product.

Adding flavorings and sweeteners to the mix is tempting, but over the long term, purity is a much better strategy.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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