What are you looking at?

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What are you looking at?

Find a great piece of music. Turn down the lights. Close your eyes, and let the music take you somewhere.

What a treat!

For many of us, we have the earned privilege of enjoying the benefits and beauty of our high-end audio systems—systems that better 99.99% of all home music systems in the world.

Of course, we're always trying to reach for better. One way to do that is to pay attention to what you are staring at between the two speakers. For some, it's a blank television screen. For others, perhaps it's a diffusor or even just a blank wall.

But for a fortunate few, there's a perfectly placed image for which to center the mind's eye.

It is remarkable how much better your system will image if you have a pleasing "something" right at the center of the front wall, placed about head height high: a pleasing photograph, a painting, anything to help focus the mind on that perfect spot.

Try it!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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