The investigator

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The investigator

One the easiest ways to add credibility to a point you're trying to make is to cite the work of "an investigator".

The investigator doesn't have to be real. He could be entirely made up. Just the mention of such a person lends credibility to any statement.

In a recent Ask Paul video about CD rippers, one of my viewers wrote: 

"An investigator analyzed CD rippers - especially EAC - and found that the digital offset used by all rippers causes a difference, and that difference is distortion."

Fascinating. Especially since any reasonable off the shelf ripping devices/software are bit-for-bit perfect. This is like worrying about sending a spreadsheet or Word document over email—frightened that numbers might change or words might be corrupted. 

The next time you want to make credible your argument, just throw in the work of an investigator.

They are everywhere.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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