Walking in other shoes

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Walking in other shoes
I remain flummoxed by the sound I heard in some rooms at RMAF: sound that was so bad it reminded me more of the noise a cat makes when you grab their tail or nails on a blackboard. No, really. The owners of the equipment believed their sound was worthy of public demonstration. There's merit in that system I am not hearing. That pains me. Perhaps it's a personal character flaw believing at our core we're all the same. Clear away the opinions, biases, and prejudices and we all want the same things: happiness, security, fulfillment, success, agreement with others. There is something to be learned here and I am struggling to wrap my head around it in the same way I struggled to enjoy the music of Wagner. Even there I have made some progress as helpful readers have pointed me towards Wagner's Tristan und Isolde and I find that music to have merit. There is a dent being made. Perhaps some helpful readers can improve my understanding of how some reproduced music can be so bad yet be considered good. If I could walk in those shoes perhaps a light bulb would click on and I could share an aha! moment.
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Paul McGowan

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