Journey or destination?

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Journey or destination?
One of our forum posters asked an interesting question this morning. "Why don't you just copy the speaker Arnie Nudell built already? Why improve what has already been established as a masterpiece?" To me, that question is better stated as move forward or sit still? It's nice to sit still and enjoy the fruits of our lives. I do it nearly every day when I hear my stereo system, drive my car, converse with friends and family, relax in my home. I look at this as a rest stop, a chance for reflection. When a reflective, stationary, existence becomes a way of life, we often think of a monastic or retired person. For me, life's a series of brief respites coupled with constant forward motion: learning, growing, contributing. Infinity System's founder, Arnie Nudell, was like that too. As soon as he signed up for our speaker project his sleeves went into automatic roll-up mode. "Let's build something better," was his battle cry. I am more interested in the journey than the destination.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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