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Mastering engineer Gus Skinas and I were having lunch yesterday and, over a bowl of Pho, he proposed an interesting idea to me. Mastering through a Vinyl Lens.

The concept of digitizing vinyl and playing it back over a DAC is nothing new. We introduced our NPC A/D phono converter some time back and since then I listen to vinyl through my DAC. But Gus suggested something a little different. He's suggesting we listen to our digital through a Vinyl Lens.

Gus has asked me not to give too many specifics on the Vinyl Lens until he perfects it. The whole concept seems a bit counter intuitive to me–I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea–but the results say something quite different.

I was mightily surprised that this kind of idea would come from one of the world's best known DSD mastering engineers and audio purist. I've never known Gus to be associated with vinyl. Sure, he remasters some of the greatest analog in the history of music recording - but he always masters onto DSD in the purest fashion possible. This new Vinyl Lens also uses DSD and the Sonoma Mastering System, but adds another process in the chain.

The sonic results of the Vinyl Lens–which I should make clear is a process, not a product–are something to behold. I wish I could say more and yes, this is just a tease. But stay tuned. The Vinyl Lens mastering process has merit - significant merit - and I will let you know greater details when I am allowed to spill more beans from the sack.

This industry never ceases to amaze.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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