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I was replying to a comment made on yesterday's post and mentioned I had heard a reviewer's system and was not surprised that this reviewer claimed all properly functioning amplifiers sound the same. After 5 minutes with the system I would have to agree and, given what he had to work with, suggest his opinion was an honest one. The system in question was inadequate when it came to resolving differences in amplifiers. They would likely all sound the same to anyone listening. But what does that prove? It's important to put things in perspective when we accept a reviewer's opinion. It's one reason most of today's reviewers list their reference equipment, so we might know what they are using for auditory measurements. The effectiveness of measuring equipment, whether meters or a reference stereo system, must always be taken into account. And no, it isn't enough to show us how flat and "perfect" the stereo system is. It's not a good indicator of its resolving power.
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Paul McGowan

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