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Today we launched Copper, Journal of Music and Audio, to nearly 3,000 original subscribers. I want to offer heartfelt thanks to the many writers that contributed their time and energy to make this magazine something special. And a particular thanks to our hard working Editor, Bill Leebens. We've never published a magazine before and I can now affirm it's a heck of a lot of work getting it prepped and good to go. But go it did, and it's the first of hopefully many more to come. Copper's a weekly publication and that's ambitious. Several have already written me somewhat skeptical we can maintain its high standards of writing, cover illustrations, and content on a weekly basis. Only time will tell the tale on that one. But, for now, Copper is released and being read by a few thousand people. Over time, I hope we can grow its readership. For those among you that don't know about Copper, it's a free online magazine without ads and without someone trying to sell you something–and no product reviews–it's chock full of content you simply do not get anywhere else. Relax, enjoy great articles from great writers, and drop us a note through the many links provided. If you've a mind to, send us a description and photos of your system, modest or big - and modest is more interesting to many of us than big. What do normal people have for playing music in their homes? If you'd like to have a look at Issue 1 of Copper, click here to view it on your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you prefer to download Copper for later viewing, click here, to download a copy. Just be aware that if you download a copy, the many interactive features no longer will work. And, if you want to subscribe to Copper and get notified when a new issue publishes, click the link just below this post. We'd love to include you. Enjoy!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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