UK HiFi Show

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UK HiFi Show

Last week found myself, Terri, Scott, and Chris Brunhaver in England attending the HiFi show which took place at a famous horse racing track, Ascot.

It was our second attempt at the show. Our first, one year ago, ended suddenly when sadly, the Queen of England passed away.

The venue was certainly out of the ordinary—we're used to convention centers or hotel rooms. The Ascot racetrack, on the other hand, is located in a beautiful park-like setting first built in 1771. Today, there's a strikingly modern architectural delight with big rooms and an open feel.

Our room was constantly busy with eager folks waiting to hear the aspen FR30s and 20s.

I thought you might enjoy a short 6 minute video I assembeled of the event.

You can watch it here.


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