Audiophile day

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Audiophile day

Today, October 2nd, is a special day for members of our HiFi Family: Audiophile Day!

I've come to understand that some of you don't particularly appreciate the "audiophile" label, while others wear it with pride. Whichever camp you fall into, one thing is undeniable: our shared love for music and wonderful sound.

In a world dominated by streaming, playlists, and on-the-go music, I find it refreshing and inspiring to be a part of a community that stops and listens. Truly listens. Whether you're someone who can pick out the smallest details in a system or someone who simply appreciates the ability to have an orchestra playing in your home at the touch of a button or the drop of a needle, today is a day to celebrate that shared passion.

I think it's good to remember it's not just about the equipment or the format; it's about the experience. The way a particular track can transport you to a different place, evoke memories, or put a smile on your face. It's about that shared nod between two people when a favorite song plays or when a system produces that you-are-there moment.

So, whether you're proud to be called an audiophile or prefer to dodge the title, today is about celebrating our common ground. 

To all the members of our HiFi Family: Happy Audiophile Day! 



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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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