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Some 40 years ago we invested heavily in the building of a high end audio FM tuner. The results were called the PS Audio ST1 tuner.

The product was based on a module we purchased from a Canadian company called Magnum Dynalab. They built the tuner, we built the output stage and user interface.

It sounded amazing.

Times have changed along with people's interests in FM radio. I don't know about big city FM stations like those you might find in Chicago, New York, Paris, or London, but out here in the hinterlands, FM radio is not worth investing money in.

What are people doing instead? Streaming, of course.

And just as we've moved from vinyl, to digital as the central medium, mass communication has moved from the airwaves to the fiber optic cable feeding your home.

How many changes within each of our lifespans have we witnessed? I still remember clearly feeling pretty progressive as Terri and I were among the first to buckle our children in seat belts.

I do miss the tuning dial and the great programming that once populated our airwaves.

Progress moves us forward, or sideways, depending on your viewpoint.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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