System sameness

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System sameness

Would HiFi systems be more alike if we all listened to the same music?

When I think about how many different types of music we listen to, and then consider the system we build to reproduce our likes and dislikes, it occurs to me that many of the equipment choices we make are rooted in the music types we like.

For example, a system built around a preference for rock might be different than one more focused on classical music. 

Take my system setups as another example. When visitors come to PS Audio their musical choices vary greatly, so my setup has to be less focused and more generalized. We might go from Pink Floyd's Welcome To The Machine to a Bach Cello piece. All of these musical types sound great, but none are optimized for a specific musical genre.

System component choices, along with room limitations and setup challenges, are made a little easier when we focus on a musical genre. A classical focused system means that we made some choices that we likely wouldn't have made were it to be a mostly jazz setup.

I am guessing we all have our musical biases. I am also speculating each of our systems shines brighter with one flavor of music than the other.

Your mileage may vary.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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