Tricks Of The Trade

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Tricks Of The Trade

Every trade has its tricks. There’s the plumber’s helper, the appliance repairman’s hydraulic lift for pulling out heavy refrigerators, the electrician’s snake for pulling wires through walls, the auto mechanics special tools, the turntable setup protractor.

So, what happens when an industry is in flux? Where does all the accumulated knowledge go?

Take the Hi-Fi industry as an example of an industry in a state of change.  Dedicated two-channel dealers once had repair departments, turntable setup experts, system setup experts, and so on. Some still do, but sadly their numbers are not increasing. Rather, they are doing quite the opposite. Today, count yourself lucky to be near a turntable setup guru like Brian Berdan. He’s a rare commodity, having learned his trade from his father, Brooks.

What’s the old saying? “The only thing constant in life is change.”

As we transition from a tradesmen culture where the tricks of the trade are handed down from person to person, I foresee a new era dawning of informative videos, DIY instructions, helping hands on the other end of a phone.

As cultures grow, the need to share the accumulated knowledge becomes increasingly important.

We need to empower each other.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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