Tradeshow no-show

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Tradeshow no-show
As some will no doubt know, the Munich High-End show has been canceled and Chicago's Axpona High-End show has been rescheduled. Originally, the Chicago consumer audio show was set to host visitors in mid-April, but because of all the concerns with Covid 19, the organizers wisely rescheduled for August. While we fully support the organizer's decision, we're disappointed to not be able to show off the new FR-30 loudspeaker, M1200 Monoblock amplifiers, and Strata Integrated. Axpona was to be our launch platform. Of course, when August rolls around we'll have all three new products for you to touch, feel, and listen to. Exciting. Since the show has been postponed, many have asked what will become of our tradeshow special. Usually, when you come to our room, we offer a 20% savings on all components as our way of saying thanks for attending. Since we can't offer it in person, we're not going to let that stand in our way. Hey! We could all use a bit of good cheer, right? Now, through the end of March, we're offering the tradeshow special to everyone in the United States. I wish we could make it worldwide, but it's a US only program. Stay well, stay healthy, and please wash your hands. Music is a great way to make it through tough times.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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