Recognizing vs. caring

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Recognizing vs. caring

I have yet to meet anyone that hasn't been able to hear the benefits of playing music on a high-end audio system like that in Music Room II. Time and again, people unaware of what high-end audio has to offer are jaw-dropping surprised at how much better a proper high-end system sounds than what they have at home.

So, while everyone that hears it recognizes the difference, only a handful moves to caring about it.

Thus, the challenge of any specialized endeavor looking to increase its ranks is how to move people who appreciate the difference to those who care enough to actually make a life change.

The simplest answer to the question is ease. If it were as easy as choosing one over another that'd be a no-brainer. Currently, moving from what works to something better takes effort. The path is not as easy as the recognition of the difference.

Until we make it an easy, affordable, simple choice between what most people have and what they could have for their home music system, we'll continue to replenish the high-end herd at about the same rate as we always have.

I keep working on a possible way to do this, but to date, not much has surfaced.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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