Too clean

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Too clean
*Chapter 9 of my upcoming novel, Resurrection, is posted here. I am pretty certain I have never washed my hands this many times in a day: after getting the mail, after removing my gloves from a trip to the market. Wait. Even writing the words "removing my gloves" is totally foreign. It's all different yet eerily the same. I go to the same daily meetings as before but now I see our engineers and management on a video screen. Strange times, indeed. We'll get through this if we use our heads and keep them screwed on as well. Can a music system be too clean? By that I mean, sometimes clean works against us like when we add too much absorption to our walls or scrub our power incorrectly. That's when we clean away some of what's important in music's reproduction, like subtle harmonics, room interactions, and imaging cues. Clean sound reproduction is important, but be careful not to scrub too hard. If you are working on your room, cabling, or power, be aware one can go too far in cleaning up the sound. You don't want it so clean you strip the life from the music.
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Paul McGowan

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