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This morning I am on a plane to Seattle and will be speaking to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society in Kirkland at 7 pm. Kirkland has to be the hometown of the Cosco brand of the same name, or at least I suppose it is. I'll be bringing with me a Sprout which just appeared on the cover of Stereophile! Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.16.39 AM I will also bring the latest iteration of the Mac Mini music server, replete with several tracks from our upcoming music album, that magician Bill Ernst has again updated with an even newer version of his 'secret sauce' which I swear must be voodoo because I swoon just listening to it. My Mini, however, is apprehensive about traveling deep into the heart of Microsoft territory, hopefully the viper pit will be on best behavior. I will also be speaking about the new BHK Signature amplifier, DirectStream DAC and in the audience Ted Smith, its designer, will be providing moral support and fact checking. I am sure it'll be fun and if you are in the area of the Kirkland Women's Club, 407 First St. in Kirkland, come by and join us.
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Paul McGowan

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