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MQA is coming, so too is Tidal, and then there's the latest DAC, the brightest new invention. What wonders will we have tomorrow? Better wait, it'll soon be a whole new world. The pace of technology speeds by us like a freight train; we wonder when the best time to jump on board might be. Oh look! Coming 'round the bend, the exact car you were hoping to catch a ride on. Get ready to grab it! But no, in the distance appears yet another, even shinier object. You had better wait. Surely the approaching car is perfect for you. There is no perfect, and technology will always change, the next object shinier than the last. The trick is to figure out what you want and go for the best available at the time. Waiting for something you don't need to get better just because seems an endless, maddening loop, but one we all fall victim to. Just the other day I got wind of a new portable hard drive from Lacie called Fuel. It has WIFI built in, 1tB of storage, runs 9 hours on batteries, can stream 5 HD videos, or music streams, simultaneously, and it's cheap: $179. I haven't seen an object this shiny in, what... weeks? I bought it. It does what it's advertised to do. I don't need another hard drive, but I could not resist the idea of its cool factor. I am returning it tomorrow. The technology train seduces you to watch it pass, filled with so many new colors and shiny objects, like a circus train. When the car carrying that which you want and need rounds the bend, extend your hand and grab hold of it without waiting for the next.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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