The resurgence is near

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Have you noticed that everything seems to come and go in waves and cycles? For example:
  • The number of people listening to music has never been greater.
  • There's never been a greater proliferation of hardware devices that store and deliver musical content.
  • The music industry has never been in worse shape.
  • The high-end audio industry seems to keep shrinking.
Yet, when we look over time we see that perhaps these are transient trends. For example:
  • Turntable and vinyl sales are on the rise after facing extinction
  • The number of independent musicians is on the rise
  • High resolution audio and the demand for it continues to increase
  • The number of people willing to accept poor sound is decreasing
I think what we're seeing in the high-end is a micro view where the original group is getting smaller while the next wave of interest is queuing up. Waves, cycles and pendulums are actually predictable if you take a macro view.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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