The opposite of spring

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The opposite of spring

In our hemisphere, it's now Fall.

With winter's approach, we're going to be indoors a heck of a lot more than we already are—and for most of us, that's been a lot.

Were spring approaching I'd be guiding you to jump into the spring cleaning mode where we disconnect our systems, clean connections, tidy cables, and breathe new life into the music.

Fall is a time when I prepare the system for greater use. I make sure the vacuum tubes have been replaced with fresh new ones ready for the long-haul winter. I have been loading up my playlists with great suggestions from fellow audiophiles. I've gotten the vacuum out and thoroughly gone through the chairs with the upholstery brush.

It isn't a great deal of work but it's work worth doing. Perhaps more for the feel of it than anything useful.

Prepping the system for the long winter is good for my soul.

When finally I nestle in, I know it's ready to go.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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