Fitting speakers to rooms

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Fitting speakers to rooms

I get a lot of questions. Often, they start out with the room's dimensions and then progress towards the meat of the subject. What speakers should I buy?

I am unconvinced there's a legitimate relationship between the room and the choice of speakers.

Yes, of course it's probably not a good idea to put a 6.1 foot tall pair of Duntech Sovereigns in a closet, just like it's perhaps not the best idea to hope that a pair of 2-way bookshelf speakers will fill an auditorium.

But within reason, speakers should not be chosen to match room dimensions.

Instead, speakers should be chosen to match expectations for the types of music you listen to. Some speakers are better at jazz and classical than rock and metal. Others sound good on all music and great on none.

When you're in the market for new speakers, jump right to the reviews that speak to you about music. How do potential speakers jive with the types of music you're hoping to get right in your room?

Worrying about matching speakers to rooms is a little like stressing over which style of clothing works best in a particular suitcase.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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