The kitchen sink

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The kitchen sink

One sure fire way to build a world class HiFi system is to throw the kitchen sink at it: everything, from cables to tweaks to room treatment.

And while this might be an effective means of getting where you're going it's expensive in more ways than just money. As the complexity grows the number of possible modifications paths grows with it.

Where to start tweaking?

Another alternative is to let someone else reduce the clutter to a manageable level. Which is why an excellent integrated all-in-one amplifier is often the best choice for building a system. Especially if you're just getting started in our wonderful world of high-end audio.

We've recently launched a redesigned, reimagined Stellar Strata MKII. Wow. Add a properly setup pair of aspen FR10s or (the upcoming) FR5s and you have a world class HiFi system within an hour's setup time.

For making great music at home without the brain damage of throwing the kitchen sink at it, it's worth considering a Strata.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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