Blissful ignorance

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Blissful ignorance

Ever notice how you can be so enamored with the sound of some equipment that you completely ignore obvious flaws until someone points them out to you? 

I like to think of this as blissful ignorance. The idea that I can enjoy something so completely that flaws hidden to me don't surface themselves until someone else makes them apparent.

And the question might be the value of becoming aware of that which you are ignorant of. Is it better to remain in that enjoyment zone or better in the long run to know the flaws?

For example, what if you have an amplifier with an audible level of hiss that you never noticed before? It's a great sounding amp, you're in love with the sound until someone else points out the hiss.

Now you can't hear anything but the hiss.

Ignorance or bliss?

I am of two minds on the questions. For me it's somewhat like learning the secret behind a magic trick. I want the mystery to be solved but once known, the trick's dead.

I guess that in the long run, if there was something I could do to fix a flaw then I'd like to know about it. If there's nothing to be done, then I'd likely prefer to revel in the bliss of ignorance.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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