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My friend, Seth Godin, wrote a great post yesterday that included a link to one of the more fascinating articles I've yet read on the future of audio. If you think what we have now for home stereo systems is about all there is likely to be, that we are at the pinnacle of what's possible in home audio reproduction, then you're in for a surprise. Go here and read the article. Be sure and watch a bit of the video on immersive 3D video. No, it's not audio, but it certainly gives you a taste of what some of the reactions to immersive audio are like as well. The point of Seth's original article concerns the pace at which technology moves: not in a straight, predictable line. Remember my post of two days ago, The last 10%? That post perfectly describes where we are right now on the S development curve he refers to. We're waiting for the next big leap in audio. And I will be delighted to be all over it when it comes.
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Paul McGowan

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