The last 10%

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Reader Kevin Norton asked a great question. "If you put all your music on an SSD on the Mac Mini music server, would you get that last 10% you're missing?"

It's a truly great question because while I suspect the music will get better, the sound closer to that of the ideal, I doubt it'll fill the 10% gap. Why? Because that last 10% is at least as hard as achieving the first 90%; if not harder.

Or put another way, and to quote our chief engineer Bob Stadtherr, "It's hard enough to get the first 90% of the work done, but it's the second 90% that gets you every time."

And he's so right. Building is hard enough: getting all the right pieces of the puzzle lined up and in the right places. But then the polishing, the struggle for perfection begins.

Building a proper foundation can take years. Achieving perfection can take a lifetime.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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