9 + 3 and bliss or anxiety?

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I had a bit of an anxiety attack recently over the installation of my new home theater. After going to CEDIA and hearing Dolby Atmos, the new 9 channel system Dolby is promoting, I was smitten and ordered even more loudspeakers for the room. Now, this proposed theater system, doubling as a music system, reminds me somewhat of a pin cushion: three speakers in front, two in back, one on each side, four in the ceiling, three 15" subwoofers under the screen. That's a LOT of speakers. The intent, of course is immersion. The idea with multiple channels of audio is to envelope one inside the environment of the film. There's even some multichannel music one can purchase for the same effect. In the front of the room a giant screen to occupy your attention, the lights low, the environment of the room seductive. And there you are, immersed in it all. The man designing this wonder, and helping fuel my anxiety attack, is Robert Dreher. He's great at creating an immersive environment. His theater is what convinced me to go for it. Yet, I have this anxiety of going from two-channels to ten-channels. I know, I'm probably being a fuddy duddy, but speakers in the ceiling?
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Paul McGowan

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