The fun begins

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The fun begins
I have often been labeled a Pollyanna believing that everything's more likely to go without a hitch than the opposite. I am often wrong. On Monday of this week, the demolition crew tearing out all the old infrastructure inside the new Octave Studios building was supposed to have wrapped up their work. Once the place was swept out and the doors locked, we'd be ready to think about construction. That afternoon I received a phone call from Terry, our contractor. Expecting good news I was surprised at the panic in his voice. "Trouble," he said, "big trouble." Turns out one of the workers hit a fire sprinkler and all hell broke loose. Water started spraying everywhere while at the same time, of course, the fire department was activated. Turns out the controls and shut-off valves are in our neighbor's space which they long ago vacated. I had been meaning to introduce ourselves to our neighbors over a beer down the road at the brewery, but now priorities had changed. All's well and we put together a short video of the new studios so you can keep up with our progress. You can click here to watch it.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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