Agree to disagree

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Agree to disagree

When it comes to strongly held matters of opinion I believe it is sometimes best to agree to disagree.

This simple act often has the ability to relieve a bit of pressure from the argument. With lower pressure perhaps one day, a bit of middle ground might open up.

Case in point there's been an ongoing battle in the comments section of our YouTube channel about higher sample rates than 44.1kHz. It is there that after many attempts to express an opinion based on years of experience I must resort to asking if we might just settle the matter by agreeing to disagree.

When I write that there is a major sonic difference between making a recording at 44.1kHz vs. 176kHz some will automatically jump to the conclusion we're speaking about upsampling vs. original recordings. Indeed, upsampling may benefit sound quality because the DAC uses a different filter algorithm but not because there's more information. There is not.

What's missing is pretty important. It cannot be effectively argued that an A/D converter running at 4X sample rate sounds identical to one running at standard CD quality speeds. If that's where the argument is going it suggests to me either the person has never actually made the experiment or, if they did, they were not evaluating the results on a system with enough resolving power to hear the differences.

Whatever the case, the discussion turns heated because the conclusions don't match each other's worldview. I get that.

Time to agree to disagree.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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