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When sports-minded people see the TLA MVP they naturally gravitate towards the acronym meaning Most Valuable Player. In our case, we're going to refer to another definition, one used in product design, Minimum Viable Product. Most product designs start out with a MVP specification defining the least it must do. Designs are then generated to meet the MVP spec and then forwarded to the marketing department to see if anything more is needed to make it salable. That's certainly one way of designing products and, sadly, the most popular way. Designers who are emotionally attached to their creations often assume a very different set of guidelines from which they design. In this model, they dream big then titrate their grandiose dreams to something that fits into practical realities. Two very different approaches. The products resulting from these two design philosophies will likely perform differently as well. Which would you choose?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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