The $10K switch

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The $10K switch

My car company offers a $10,000 upgrade in performance. A bigger motor? Different wheels? A rear spoiler?

No, it's a software upgrade.

Pay the $10K and within a few minutes you're upgraded. Which means the only physical change is a lightening of my wallet.

This trend seems to be increasing within the auto industry and now I see it moving next into computers. Octave Record's Pyramix DSD recording system use every drop of available computer horsepower to work its magic—a feature available only to premium subscribers to the Pyramix software, activated by a flick of an internal switch tied directly to our bank account.

I get the notion that companies who invest heavily in software have to be compensated for their efforts.

Want to share in the benefits of that extra million in programming we spent? Send money.

I'll bet an idea like this, applied to high-end audio equipment, would go over about as well as a turd floating in a punch bowl, but then I have been wrong before.

Just rambling.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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