What would it take?

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What would it take?

Trying to convince a round-Earth believer that our globe is actually flat is about as easy as the opposite.

When emotions run high facts do not matter.

Take for example the Power Plant AC regenerators. These big power sources do all kinds of beneficial things for the power running your system:

  • Lower AC distortion
  • Regulate the AC power to within 1/10th of a volt
  • Repair and reconstruct the AC waveform
  • Lower source impedance by several orders of magnitude

Not one of the items on the list of benefits can be claimed by any other form of power conditioner. In fact, in most cases, they make that list measurably worse, especially in the lowering of AC impedance. 

Over the past 50 or so years of working with high-end audio systems, I cannot think of any single item that sonically matters as much as the lowering of impedance of the AC source.

Despite the many thousands of Power Plants spread across the globe—each dramatically lowering AC impedance and providing regulated power—their acceptance is hardly universal.

No surprises there, right? They are expensive, they are controversial, and competing technologies work hard at discreteding them.

In an effort to cool the flames of opinions in each direction, I think it behooves us to be less finger-pointy to emphasize our views on one side of the aisle or the other.

Let's have fun with our systems.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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