Terminology Building Blocks

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Terminology Building Blocks

One of the easier ways to get on the wrong path is to build an understanding based on piecing together little-understood terms.

A good example of this problem might be explained in my earlier post about dynamic range. Relying only on the measured numbers to achieve a more dynamic recording can easily lead to the opposite.

Or, making a purchasing decision on an amplifier simply because it has better measurements. The THD might be low but what about IM and AM distortions? Step response?

And if you get those right what about the sonic differences between JFETS, MOSFETS, and BJTs?

Or, if DSD is closest to analog wouldn’t it make perfect sense to then return to analog when mixing? Is that the best sounding course or is it simply the most logical?

None of us are going to be able to have a deep enough understanding of the complex technological world we have to navigate to make good decisions based solely on knowledge depth.

Instead, we need to rely upon our senses.

We need to listen. Use our ears as the ultimate arbiter.

Our senses don’t get tangled up in terminology.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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