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Much improved
Over on the PS Audio forums, there's a thread about cable lifters. You can read it by clicking this link. Elevating the speaker cables off the floor works to improve the sound. Should you run out and grab a set of cable lifters today? Much depends on the state of your system. If you've managed to dial it in to where there's nothing more to gain, then yes, by all means, nab a set of cable lifters. What sometimes troubles me about these exotic tweaks is our tendency to use them as a crutch. A freebie. An excuse not to dig in and do the work of proper setup. Proper setup takes a bit of work and dedication. Rolling up the proverbial sleeves and getting down to business. If this idea of really digging in to make sonic magic is appealing to you, I will mention the long overdue book and SACD (and download), The Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker is finally (and really) available. Click here to grab your copy. And once you've put in the afternoon's hard work at getting your system to sing, it makes sense to then elevate your speaker cables. Icing on the proverbial cake.
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