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In my post Tag you're it! posted a few days ago, we discussed the issue of tagging your music collection. I'd like to expand on that a bit because it is one of the keys to the future of high-end audio and building a music library. Imagine for a moment you're in a Mozart mode: you want to play something from Mozart - perhaps a piano concerto followed by a few arias and then finish with one of his major symphonic works. That'd be a wonderful afternoon of music you can enjoy while puttering around the house. You pick up your trusty iPad, click on Composers and go to the M's. There's only a few Mozart albums but you know you have at least 20. Ahh, maybe you placed some of them under Wolfgang. Go to the W's and there you find W.A. Mozart, Wolfgang Mozart, W. Mozart. As you open each you find a few. At this point you either revert to the search field or you get a bit flustered and lose the urge for a wonderful afternoon of Mozart. Had you taken the many, many hours of work required to make sure all composers were listed by their last name, all artists and bands listed by their first then last and all 100% consistent, you can never have the experience you were looking for. This is the challenge of tagging and one I am convinced can best be done through the use of machines and well written programs. They don't yet exist but when people like you and me want something badly enough, they will soon enough. Ideas? Tag you're it.
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