Good news: they are mostly dead

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After several of you read yesterday's post about tagging the question came up about how would we ever write rules a machine could use to sort out our libraries. After all, the music industry is ever-changing, dynamic and a programmer's nightmare.

Actually it's pretty easy if you focus on the biggest problem of all: classical music.

Modern programs like iTunes, Media Monkey and J River have pretty good auto tagging/cataloging features for modern popular music but not for classical. Seems the folks that created the online databases containing all the info aren't as interested in classical and jazz as they are in what's selling today in music. Go figure.

But for those of us that love classical music we find ourselves on our own when it comes to big databases ready to sort out our music collections.

The good news is that classical music was mostly written long ago and those that wrote it are dead. Why does this matter? Because it's a programmer's dream - data that is readily available and will never change.

The time is right, the need is there and I am excited our community will be a part of this exciting adventure.

Now we just have to find someone that knows everything there is to know.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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