Stellar Beta begins

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Stellar, our affordable cutting edge line of product, is ready for beta testing. We're going to try something a different with this beta. With most of our beta launches, we ask you to email us with your system to make sure you qualify. Not this time. Stellar is a high-end audio product designed for every system, every user. So we're opening the beta tester program to that same group. Everyone… … and anyone can participate. First come first served. And there aren't that many beta units available. The program is only available in the United States, something I am not happy about, but logistics being what they are… One last item. Since Stellar can be a system or used standalone, beta testers can choose to purchase a single piece or an entire system. Good luck on getting in. Details and the order page to purchase can be found here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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